The Benefits Of Fat Grafting
by hannamills
 The Benefits Of Fat Grafting
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When looking for a natural approach to combat the signs of aging, fat grafting is a great choice. It helps to restore a youthful look without appearing unnatural. Volume loss is an important component in the aging process, by increasing volume with this procedure you will help to recover a youthful look. Fat grafting is the removal of a patients own fat tissue to replant it elsewhere in their body.

This concept was developed as early as 1893. The fat grafts were used to fill in soft tissue defects. It became more popular in the 1980s which turned it into a more cosmetic form of modern day grafting.

Fat injection or transfers are mainly used as facial filler. It is used to smooth and repair aged hands and to fill a wrinkled or creased face. It is also used to create a more shapely, curved buttocks, to enlarge breasts and for cheek and chin implants.

This plastic surgery can improve sunken areas by adding fullness. For the hands it can help them by taking thin, bony hands, hands with large veins or hands with sun spots that reveal age and help them to appear younger. The grafting can fill in sunken areas under the eyes, fill in forehead creases and laugh lines next to the mouth. These are just a few examples of what this procedure can do.

The procedure takes about two to four hours to complete. The surgeon will prepare the site for removal of fat with a local anesthetic. Then the surgeon will withdraw fat using a syringe that has a large needle or a liposuction cannula. After the fat is removed it is transferred to the desired location that needs plumping. Typically the fat is extracted from the inner thighs, the lower stomach, and the inner part of the knees or the buttocks. Only tiny amounts are removed to be transferred.

This is considered an outpatient procedure. The side effects are a little discomfort, a little redness, some swelling and some bruising. There is very little downtime and patients can return to their regular activities within a few days. It is minimally invasive and is entirely done without any type of incisions.

Patients must be a good candidate for doctors to consider them for this surgery. They must be in good health, have no illnesses or diseases and have no preexisting medical conditions. Research shows that fat transfers can last anywhere from a few months up to a few years and in some cases longer depending on the person. The fat that is actually absorbed into the body is ten to ninety percent after the transfer.

The procedure is reasonably priced and can be repeated until the desired results are acquired. It can also be combined with other surgeries depending on the patients needs. Some surgeons even offer a discount to repeat patients.

When looking for a more radiant, youthful look consider fat grafting as an option. The results are remarkable. Your goal of achieving the look you always wanted at a reasonable price is within your reach.

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