Hayes the first of five to interview for city clerk position
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Elsie Hodnett/The Daily Home
Tammy Hayes is one of five top candidates to interview for the Riverside city clerk position.
Elsie Hodnett/The Daily Home

Tammy Hayes is one of five top candidates to interview for the Riverside city clerk position.
The Riverside City Council held the first interview for the city clerk position Tuesday night.

Tammy Hayes, who served on the Riverside City Council from 2004-2008, was the first of five top candidates to interview for the position.

Mayor Rusty Jessup and Councilmen Jimmy Hollander, Bill Cantley and Johnny Osborn were present for the interview. Councilmen Frank Riddle and Kenny Womack were absent.

“I’m married to Rob Hayes and together we own Hayes Awning Company,” Hayes said.

She said she currently works for Hayes Awning doing mostly administrative work.

“I do a little bit of everything,” she said. “I pay the bills and order materials. I’ve installed awning and swept the floors. When you own your own business, you do whatever is needed.”

Hayes said she has a good attitude and is a happy person who gets along well with everyone.

“I’m a team player,” she said. “I know all the department heads and people here and I love this town.”

Hayes said she has worked in administration for the past 10-15 years and doesn’t think being hired as city clerk would be a difficult transition.

“I like a challenge and to learn new things,” she said. “This job pays more than minimum wage and has good benefits. I’m a long-term employee.”

Hayes said previous job experience includes working as a property manager for River Bend Apartments in Riverside and as an office manager for Shop & Chek in Atlanta.

“I know they both would hire me back,” she said. “Before that, I was a photographer.”

Hayes said the characteristics of successful management include working successfully with the people you manage.

“I don’t ask anyone to do what I wouldn’t myself,” she said. “If a person needed help, I’d help them.”

Hayes said she would follow in the footsteps of current city and court clerk Rhonda Johnston.

“I consider her a very successful city clerk,” she said. “Rhonda has been here through many administrations. I think the council would want me to emulate her to maintain the quality of service they want.”

Jessup asked how Hayes would handle an employee who wasn’t carrying their weight.

“I’d make sure they understood their job,” she said. “A lot of times the person may not understand what is expected of them. If they need training or help, I would assist them in learning their job. If they don’t, I would terminate employment, which can be done sensitively.”

Hayes said obtaining the necessary requirements for city clerk and/or court magistrate, if she were to be appointed to that position, would be no problem.

“I enjoy learning new things,” she said. “The position seems like it would have ongoing education, so the city clerk could keep current with new laws and other issues.”

Hayes said she is comfortable using social media, and could update the city’s website and Facebook page.

“I have created websites,” she said. “Social media can help or hurt, depending on what is put on it.”

Hayes said time management is not a difficult task for her to perform.

“I am very organized and use a calendar to keep up with what has or doesn’t have to be done,” she said. “You pick priorities for the day and do them. I like structure and agendas—it gives me guidance.”

Hayes said her definition of a public servant is someone out to look after the people of the town for the benefit of the town, not individual people.

“I ignore difficult people,” she said. “Maybe that’s why I’m happy. I have no time for grudges. I will step up and admit mistakes, and if something someone does annoys me I tactfully let them know.”

Jessup said the council hopes to announce the new city clerk in January or possibly sooner.

“The target hire date is March 1, but we might consider hiring the person sooner,” he said.

The remaining interview dates are set at:

• Tuesday, Dec. 10, at 6 p.m. with Mary Nash.

• Tuesday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m. with Amber Mikell.

• Wednesday, Dec. 11, at 6 p.m. with Brittney Rashleigh.

• Wednesday, Dec. 11, at 7 p.m. with Candace Smith.

• Monday, Dec. 16, at 6 p.m. tentative date to be announced if needed.

Jessup said all interviews are held at the Riverside storm shelter and each interview is expected to last anywhere from 20-45 minutes, but no longer than one hour. The public is invited to attend but only the mayor and council can question the candidates.

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