Riverside interviews final two for city clerk position
by Elsie Hodnett
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Photos by Elsie Hodnett/The Daily Home
Brittney Rashleigh
Photos by Elsie Hodnett/The Daily Home

Brittney Rashleigh
Candace Smith
Candace Smith
The Riverside City Council held the final two interviews for the city clerk position Wednesday night.

The council interviewed Brittney Rashleigh, then Candace Smith immediately following the first interview’s conclusion.

Riverside Mayor Rusty Jessup and Councilmen Jimmy Hollander, Frank Riddle, Bill Cantley and Johnny Osborn were present for the interview. Councilman Kenny Womack was absent.

Rashleigh, who works for Jones Stephens Corporation in Moody, has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business administration, and is working toward a master’s degree in public administration.

“I am involved with the Jacksonville State University alumni association and other committees,” she said.

Rashleigh said she wants to be a public servant.

“A public servant is a good listener and a hard worker,” she said.

Rashleigh said she would like to live on the water, and would be involved in community events.

“This is somewhere I want to stay and retire from,” she said. “It is a career choice, not a stepping stone.”

Rashleigh said she prefers an office teamwork environment.

“I think a successful manager is a good listener, can manage their time, is dedicated, a hard worker and a team player,” she said. “You need to get along with your employees even when you don’t agree. I try my best to be a motivator, but do not have problems with disciplinary actions if needed.”

Rashleigh said when she holds team meetings, the team members begin the meeting by saying positive things about their co-workers.

“That really helps things start on a positive note,” she said.

Rashleigh said she uses social media, and believes it can be a helpful tool because it is such an easy way to get information out and it is also cost-effective compared to mailing flyers.

“For my time priorities in my personal life, my family comes first,” she said. “I have daily devotions, which helps me keep a positive attitude, and I run 5Ks, which helps with stress release. For professional priorities, I work off deadlines and prioritize.”

Candace Smith has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and currently volunteers at her children’s school and at church.

“I am between jobs, but would like to use my management skills and have a long-term career,” she said.

Smith said she has worked with 50 people and by herself.

“I like to keep busy, but I can adapt well to a quiet environment,” she said. “I view this as a long-career option.”

Smith said she has experience disciplining and counseling employees.

“I find out if it is a skill or a will problem,” she said. “If I feel they are fully trained, and it is a will problem, then I would come to terms and terminate if necessary.”

Smith said she is familiar with social media, which can have pros and cons depending on what is put on it. She said she managed websites at two previous jobs.

“I feel to be a successful city clerk, the first priority is to learn everything from current city clerk Rhonda Johnston, then work on improvement because I feel there is always room for improvement,” she said. “I am goal-driven and believe you need goals so you don’t become stagnant.”

Smith said after working in the restaurant business for 10 years she is accustomed to dealing with complaints.

“If you listen and show you really care, it is easier to come to a resolution,” she said. “I think my management and community service experience would help me do this job to the greatest ability. And I definitely want to be involved in community events.”

Smith said a good public servant is in the public’s eye, but is there to serve them to the best of their ability to ensure their needs and the city’s needs are met.

Smith said she makes lists to ensure things are done.

“I rank tasks on their importance and time sensitivity,” she said.

Smith said she is a very positive person.

“Exercise helps a lot,” she said. “It is miserable in life if you aren’t positive. If you deal with difficult people, stay positive and genuinely listen to their problems. It can help in a way if they feel concern from you, and it may help them feel better about their situation.”

The council canceled the final tentative interview, which was set for Monday.

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