For Pope, the struggle continues
by Laura Nation-Atchison
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Laura Nation-Atchison/The Daily Home
Talladega author Marshall Pope has released this third book of poetry and prose titled “The Struggle Continues.” Pope said the book is an exploration of the pain and struggles many face in life.
Laura Nation-Atchison/The Daily Home

Talladega author Marshall Pope has released this third book of poetry and prose titled “The Struggle Continues.” Pope said the book is an exploration of the pain and struggles many face in life.
Author and poet Marshall Pope has another message for his readers.

The Talladega resident has compiled another book of his musings, this one a combination of prose and poetry and a sequel to his first book, “The Struggles of Love.”

In “The Struggle Continues,” Pope explores more of the issues addressed in his first book, from racism and bullying to love and hate, feelings of pain and loss, along with religion and other personal battles.

Pope was writing poetry as a teen and then turned his writing to creating rap lyrics and now, primarily writes poetry and prose.

Pope said his latest book will show that he is prepared to face the issues life can bring.

“I am more than ready to handle any struggle I am faced with,” he said.

“This book is truly the inspiration the world needs to find comfort in a not so perfect world.”

And Pope says his writing is directed toward the “have nots” in society, the “unsung heroes” and those who are not usually heard.

“I like to think of giving those who are voiceless a voice,” he said.

In “the Struggle Continues,” Pope asks that readers take a journey with him in looking at the world through the eyes of a poet.

“I want readers to allow this book to speak to their hearts,” he said.

Pope has also written an autobiography titled “Who Am I,” and has prepared a screenplay for the same title.

Pope’s book “Invisible Shackles,” released last year, addresses racism as he views it in today’s world.

In his newest release, Pope invites others inside some of his views of the world we live in.

“These are my private thoughts in the form of poetry, and I wrote them to share my everyday battles with life and my transformation from rapper to author and poet,” he said.

Pope’s books are available at or by contacting him at

The following are a few of Pope’s favorites from “The Struggle Continues.”

“I Forgive”

The world is plagued with hunger and we still refuse to break bread

But the word of God fills me up, therefore my spirit is fed!

As I awake to find my power shut off and now I’m in the dark

But by the light of God shining bright, I can still see by the glow in my heart!

My house has caught on fire, losing everything but my life

But I’m sheltered in the arms of God and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ!

My heater has stopped working leaving a chill in the air so cold

But God’s love keeps my body warm and provides heat for my soul

I forgot to pay my water bill so now I can’t cleanse my skin

But the pastor baptized me in Jesus’s name and washed away all my sins

My problems are my test of faith ‘cause whether it’s good or bad, it’s God’s will

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, so all that trespass, I forgive!

“Dedicated to My Brother in Heaven”

Harvey “Creeper” Edison

Blessed I was to know you, so I send this poem addressed to heaven for you

When the world mourned Harvey Edison, I mourned a friend and older brother

Since the last time we talked, I chose another path in life

I no longer walk in darkness with the thugs, instead I chose to be their guiding light!

The angry kid you knew outgrew the quick temper I could never outrun

The life of a thug had to end before the real journey could begin!

In each of my books, a dedication is written in your memory of the life God reclaimed

My success is your success for I seek no fame, only to preserve my brother’s name!

So walk with me my brother as I journey closer to the cross

I welcome my day of crucifixion if it will free every soul that’s lost!

Our brother Moe is home now and he is doing just fine

A five footer with the heart of a six footer and we both left the street life behind

Our lil’ brother Jarrod grew to be the prince we always knew he would be.

No one can take your place however our mama Geneva still has three sons counting me!

It’s not a day that passes you’re not missed so I wanted to take time out

To ask my brother, now that you have met God, is he everything we talked about?

We still ride for you, we still cry for you and we love you just the same

Tell PAC I didn’t abandon the thugs,

I only became an inspiration for them to change.

“Swimming in My Pain”

Swimming in my pain knee deep in my misery

The world is filled with sharks feeding off life’s tragedies

In the sea of pain we must swim or drown in our own tears

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall have no fear!

It is told our savior’s blood was shed for our sins

So to drown in self pity would be like crucifying Jesus again

I’m swimming in my pain with the sole purpose of one day reaching the promised land

God called upon a death flood for 40 days and nights so the world could be reborn again!

So baptize me in spirit and dip me in the fountain of faith

Swimming in my pain may come to pass as the water washes away all traces of hate!

As Jesus Christ’s tears from weeping cleansed the earth and harvested the crops

Swimming in my pain is no comparison to the sacrifice he suffered on the cross!